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Conscious of the future, while still respecting the past

This collection reproduces traditional hand made tiles, this is the reason why there are slight dimentional differences between pieces ( variable lengths and widths) , which are part of the intended aesthetic .
It is advised to adjust each one of the pieces in the process of installation due to the dimentional differences, instead of using spacers.As a result, these differences give the character, craftsman feel and a high aesthetic value .

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BEJMAT, as part of the Zellige iconic moorish trend, is considered and art in itself with significant influence on western decoration, which process has not varied for a millennium.

Maintaining the original concept whilst rethinking the design for an actual market, the line features 9 shaded colours and two shapes to dress entrances, patios, fireplaces, countertops, backplashes, pools and any living space.




5x15cm / 2"x6"


15x15cm / 6"x6"